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Plants in this section are mostly in 6.5 cm pots unless otherwise indicated and are seedlings or cuttings. All are well rooted and established.

The collection consists of over 90 species of Euphorbia and Monadenium, and we are constantly propagating.
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Eu 224 Euphorbia 'Creme de Menthe' American hybrid with lime green cyathia 3.50
Eu 010 Euphorbia 'Nat Wong' Freely flowering hybrid with semi-pendant branches and pink flowers with a pale yellow centre. An attractive plant for a hanging pot. 6.50
Eu 346 Euphorbia aff. duranii new Madagascan species 0
Eu 337 Euphorbia alfredii Madagascar, glabrous leaves 5.50
Eu 373 Euphorbia ambovombensis Mature plants with a good caudex 25
Eu 372 Euphorbia analavelonensis Uncommon species of the milii type 6.50
Eu 336 Euphorbia ankarensis Madagascar, silvery stems and hairy leaves 0
Eu 070 Euphorbia antisyphilitica Thin pencil stems and pink flowers 6.50
Eu 200 Euphorbia aureoviridiflora Madagascan plant with angled stems bearing golden bristles. 0
Eu 004 Euphorbia baioensis Branching from the base and building dense clumps with the age. Only growing on top of Mt. Baio and a few surrounding mountain peaks in NE Kenya. 0
Eu 368 Euphorbia baylissii Nicely marked young plants 6.50
Eu 221 Euphorbia bongolavensis Leaves like little umbrellas with red centre 0
Eu 078 Euphorbia bupleurifolia Like a pine cone with leaves! 0
Eu 278 Euphorbia croizatii Thick stemmed species from Madagascar 6.50
Eu 355 Euphorbia cuneata v.pumilans bonsai like with small leaves and swollen stem 18
Eu 374 Euphorbia cussonioides Young plants of this Kenyan plant which will eventually be big 6.50
Eu 359 Euphorbia cylindrifolia v.cylindrifolia stolon forming plant 5.50
Eu 262 Euphorbia davana Somalia 0
Eu 252 Euphorbia debilispina Small plant with light green branches and very short spines 5.50
Eu 341 Euphorbia decaryi v.spirosticha Low growing Madagascan plant with crinkly leaves 5.50
Eu 317 Euphorbia delphinensis seedlings of this Madagascan plant 0
Eu 226 Euphorbia ecklonii Round green leaves on globular caudex. Very limited. 0
Eu 343 Euphorbia enopla mature clumps 4
Eu 217 Euphorbia evansii Branching highly patterned stems. 0
Eu 042 Euphorbia eyassiana Freely branching and spreading by stolons. Needs very bright light to maintain its typical red body colour. From the Rift Valley of Tanzania. Limited 5.50
Eu 375 Euphorbia francoisii v.crassicaulis Form with reddish leaves. Seedlings. 8.50
Eu 356 Euphorbia francoisii x decaryi clump forming with stolons 5
Eu 363 Euphorbia gottlebei young plants 0
Eu 043 Euphorbia greenwayi var. greenwayi Builds a small and dense shrub of beautiful marked stems. Remarkable pendant flowers. From the Iringa Escarpment of Tanzania. 5.50
Eu 338 Euphorbia groenwaldii Caudex and twisted stems, larger plants 0
Eu 254 Euphorbia guillemetii Looks like a slender alluaudia! Uncommon 5.50
Eu 335 Euphorbia hofstaetteri Madagascar, velvety leaves 0
Eu 345 Euphorbia inarticulata Arabian species with many branched stems 0
Eu 017 Euphorbia knuthii ssp. knuthii Dwarf plant with 3- to 4angled branches which arise from a tuberous root. Freely flowering, from RSA, Mozambique and Swaziland. 5.50
Eu 376 Euphorbia kondoi Delicate spiny growth from a swollen root 8.50
Eu 377 Euphorbia lupulina Spineless plant with interesting flowers 10
Eu 331 Euphorbia marsabitensis Small plant from Kenya 7.50
Eu 371 Euphorbia meloformis fm. magna Attractive form with larger fatter bodies 5.50
Eu 328 Euphorbia milii v.rosea hybrid our own cross with Thai hybrids 5
Eu 354 Euphorbia milii variegated very pretty and slower growing than the regular milii 3.50
Eu 038 Euphorbia platyclada var. hardyi This is the rare true var. hardyi which differs by greener and cylindrical stems as well as a shape which is clearly distinct from var. platyclada. From SW Madagascar. Limited 0
Eu 039 Euphorbia platyclada var. platyclada Very variable in shape, strictly erect to declining, dense to lose branching. Almost ever blooming, even in winter. Looks best if grown in sun. From SE Madagascar. 0
Eu 353 Euphorbia poissonii Young plants of this West African euphorbia 0
Eu 369 Euphorbia rossii Nicely spined younf plants 6.50
Eu 327 Euphorbia sakarahaensis caudex forming spiny Madagascan plant 5.50
Eu 340 Euphorbia schoenlandii Seldom offered South African plant with woody flowering stems 0
Eu 293 Euphorbia sipolisii description 0
Eu 259 Euphorbia sp. aff obcordata Madagascan shrub, with small leaves. Unusual. 0
Eu 351 Euphorbia stellata young plants already having nice round caudex and many branches 6.50
Eu 349 Euphorbia stenoclada young plants starting to produce the characteristic spiky growth 4.50
Eu 348 Euphorbia stenoclada v.ambatofindrahanae Form with stubby joints often felty brown on new growth 7.50
Eu 339 Euphorbia submammillaris Clumps of small stems 4
Eu 364 Euphorbia tardieuana spineless leafy euphorbia with deep red flower bracts. Limited 0
Eu 378 Euphorbia tortirama Young plants already having a caudex and several arms 5.50
Eu 367 Euphorbia triaculeata Sudan. Rooted cuttings. 6.50
Eu 366 Euphorbia vigueri Succulent spineless stems and small red flowers, mature plants 17
Eu 370 Euphorbia vigueri v.capuroniana Leafy Madagascan euphorbia with big spines 8.50
Eu 362 Euphorbia waringiae rooted stem cuttings 0
Eu 350 Euphorbia weberbauerii Mexican pencil euphorbia with interesting flowers 4.50
Eu 053 Euphorbia xanti Easy grown and freely flowering shrub from Baja California, Mexico. Looks best if pruned once in a while. 0
Eu 294 Euphorbia xylophylloides description 5
Eu 333 Jatropha berlandieri Mexico, large round caudex 15.50
Eu 325 Jatropha fissispina Kenyan pachycaul with spiny stem and hairy leaves 24
Eu 352 Jatropha gossypifolia Attractive copper bronze leaves 5.50
Eu 260 Jatropha macrantha Thick stems and reddish leaves. Red flowers. Peru. 0
Eu 342 Jatropha mahafalensis slow growing with succulent stems and red flowers 6.50
Eu 358 Jatropha spicata furry plant with bristles at the nodes 12
Eu 357 Jatropha variifolia little shrub with swollen stem 0
Eu 085 Monadenium coccineum Easy to grow with tuberous root, tall stems and red flowers. From Tanzania. 0
Eu 251 Monadenium echinulatum Rooted cuttings 6.50
Eu 270 Monadenium elegans Woody stems for this very unusual succulent. Seedlings. 6.50
Eu 360 Monadenium ellenbeckii v.caulopodium smooth light green stems and white flowers 5.50
Eu 068 Monadenium invenustum var. invenustum Tuberous rooted and freely flowering plant from SA Kenya. 5.50
Eu 379 Monadenium lugardae Rather thick succulent stems and leaves, pinkish flowers 5.50
Eu 347 Monadenium rhizophorum succulent stems and leaves lined with green veins 5.50
Eu 036 Monadenium ritchiei ssp. nyambense Compact growing and freely branching plant with thickened, fleshy roots. Spreads by underground shoots and therefore requires a broader pot. Attractive pink flowers. 0
Eu 361 Monadenium schubei prickly stems and purple flowers 5.50
Eu 313 Monadenium sp.aff. goetzei Tanzania, Rukwa province, caudex 0
Eu 037 Monadenium stoloniferum Dwarf plant that builds a small caudex and spreads by stolons. 5.50
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