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Brookside Nursery
Specializing in rare succulents
Other Succulents
A mixture of plants from many plant families, mostly growing in 6.5 cm pots, unless otherwise stated.
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Os 240 Abromeitiella brevifolia Dense cushions of silvery leaves and sessile green flowers 0
Os 513 Adenia ecirrhosa knobbly stems and caudex, Madagascar 0
Os 549 Adenia glauca nice caudex plants 17
Os 234 Adenia globosa Warty green caudex and spiked shoots. Very unusual. 24
Os 597 Adenia keramanthus green caudex and furry leaves, fruit is quite large 13
Os 585 Adenia venenata caudex plant from Yemen 10
Os 576 Adenium boehmianum More cold resistant than obesum 10.50
Os 063 Adenium obesum Young plants of the Desert Rose 0
Os 574 Adromischus caryophyllaceus stem forming Adromischus with pink flowers 2.50
Os 612 Aeonium spathulatum small growing and bushy with yellow flowers. Tenerife. 2.50
Os 314 Agave 'Kichijokan Variegated' Variegated form of this blue Japanese hybrid 5.50
Os 590 Agave bovicornuta bluish leaves, clustering 4.50
Os 595 Agave guingola variegated white or yellow variegation available 5
Os 310 Agave nizandensis The agave that looks like an aloe! Tapered succulent leaves, nicely marked. Not big. 8.50
Os 281 Agave patonii variegated 'Ohikitsusyote Nisiki' Dwarf variegated plant, attractive (also known as 'Cream Spike') 5.50
Os 301 Agave pumila The smallest agave! 0
Os 369 Agave stricta nana description 5
Os 564 Albuca longifolium bulb with long green leaves, flowers not seen yet 6.50
Os 486 Albuca namaquensis groups of bulbs, flowers highly scented Lav.26172 5
Os 007 Alluaudia ascendens Upright spiny stems producing new leaves each season all the way up.Young plants. 15
Os 527 Alluaudia comosa One of the more compact alluaudias, rooted cuttings 12
Os 572 Alluaudia dumosa Strange plant with brown leafless stems 8.50
Os 327 Alluaudia montagnacii Attractive white spines in rows 15
Os 348 Alluaudiopsis fiherenensis Rooted cuttings of this Madagascan bonsai 10
Os 591 Anacampseros filamentosa hairy 3.50
Os 525 Anacampseros papyracea silvery white papery stems, young plants 2
Os 467 Anacampseros recurvata Imitates bird droppings 0
Os 263 Aspidistra 'Milky Way' Smaller than the usual aspidistra with leaves spotted with white 5.50
Os 264 Aspidistra elatior variegated Full size aspidistra with leaves streaked with white 5.50
Os 571 Astrophytum myriostigma The 2
Os 568 Astrophytum myriostigma v.nudum bodies do not have the usual scales 2
Os 570 Astrophytum myriostigma v.quadricostatum square bodies! 2
Os 569 Astrophytum ornatum the largest astrophytum 2
Os 593 Avonia buderiana masses of white papery stems 3.50
Os 238 Billbergia nutans Parent plant of many cultivars. Attractive blue and pink flowers. 5
Os 577 Boswellia elongata Nicely marked leaves. From Socotra. 25
Os 599 Boswellia neglecta Kenyan frankincense 10
Os 587 Bulbine natalensis flowers freely orange and yellow 2.50
Os 490 Bursera fagaroides aromatic succulents, ideal for bonsai or let them grow into shrublets 10
Os 566 Bursera odorata Similar to B. fagaroides but leaves have a stronger aroma 10
Os 335 Cephalopentandra ecirrhosa Cucurbit from Kenya with knobbly caudex like a brain. 12
Os 488 Commiphora mildbraedii Plants forming a trunk 10
Os 598 Commiphora sp. Adadi peeling bark 0
Os 575 Commiphora trilobata Young plants already forming trunks 10
Os 358 Conophytum hians clumps of peas with yellow flowers 3.50
Os 605 Crassula 'Justus-Corderoy' variegated nice little plants 3.50
Os 531 Crassula deceptor white sculptured leaves, tightly packed 5.50
Os 583 Cyanotis somaliensis hairy leaves and bright blue flowers 3.50
Os 339 Cyphostemma betiforme Still uncommon caudiciform Puntland, Somalia 0
Os 573 Cyphostemma currori fleshy slightly hairy leaves and smooth stem 9.50
Os 328 Cyphostemma juttae Young plants of this caudex plant 0
Os 579 Cyphostemma quinatum Nice caudex 9.50
Os 317 Decarya madagascariensis Rooted cuttings of the Madagascan zig-zag plant. Rarely offered. 10
Os 243 Didiera madagascariensis Densely spiny columns with strip like leaves 0
Os 325 Didiera petignatii sp. nova Long tapered leaves and spines 14
Os 326 Didiera trollii Still very uncommon. Limited. 20
Os 223 Dioscorea elephantipes Corky caudex, the 'Elephant's Foot' of South Africa 0
Os 584 Dioscorea mexicana syn. macrostachya. Flattened corky caudex looks like a turtle 16
Os 201 Dorstenia barnimiana v.barnimiana Underground caudex, circular leaves and unusual elongated flowers 0
Os 600 Dorstenia barnimiana v.telekii tuberous plant with elongated flowers 8
Os 336 Dorstenia crispa v.crispa Young plants. Crinkly leaves. 0
Os 603 Dorstenia foetida a nice clone originally from Kew 6
Os 459  Dorstenia hildebrandtii forma crispum reddish caudex and crinkly silvery leaves, Tanzania, Kilimanjaro Prov, 0
Os 601 Dorstenia hildebrandtii v.schlechteri purple-green caudex and crinkly leaves 7
Os 277 Drimiopsis maculata Rather succulent spotted leaves and greenish flowers,bulb 3
Os 245 Dyckia brevifolia Shiny grey-green leaves with reddish tints 4.50
Os 528 Eulophia andamanensis young plants, from the Andaman Islands, India 0
Os 462 Eulophia callichroma Succulent orchid from Zimbabwe with non-succulent leaves. Rare. 15
Os 548 Eulophia macrobulbon rarely offered tuberous rooted orchid 10
Os 363 Eulophia paniculata succulent orchid from Kenya 15
Os 320 Eulophia petersii Succulent orchid from Arabia 15
Os 561 Ferocactus latispinus spreading reddish spines 2
Os 567 Fouquiera diguettii stout stems and red flowers 10
Os 353 Fouquiera formosa Uncommon species with yellow bark 10
Os 247 Fouquiera macdougallii Ocotillo, forming a nice trunk 10
Os 316 Fouquiera splendens Maturing plants. Red flowers. 10
Os 563 Gymnocalycium bodenbenderianum flattish body, flower regularly 2
Os 302 Haemanthus albiflos The shaving-brush flower, a bulb. 5.50
Os 536 Hypoxis obtusa bulb, Tanzania West of Makambako 5.50
Os 350 Idria columnaris seedlings of the Boojum tree 8.50
Os 582 Ipomaea heterophylla caudex 6.50
Os 434 Ipomoea alpina yellow flowers 0
Os 545 Kalanchoe linearifolia Bright red flowers 5.50
Os 614 Kalanchoe robusta Socotra. Looks a bit like a Crassula ovata until you see the bright orange flowers 8
Os 089 Kleinia butleri New species from Oman. Stems are thick and upright. Orange-red flowers. Very limited 0
Os 361 Kleinia pendula succulent curving stems and red flowers 3.50
Os 031 Kleinia saginata Propagations from material collected in Oman. Interesting 0
Os 553 Lapidaria margaretae leaves like porcelain 2.50
Os 032 Lithops aucampiae v. aucampiae Karuman form.Large-bodied, red-brown, yellow flowers. 2
Os 360 Lithops fulviceps brown spotted body 2
Os 554 Lithops mixed many different coloured pebbles. We can select different ones as a starter pack. 2
Os 613 Mangave 'Bloodspot' Hybrid of Agave and Manfreda with bluish leaves spotted with purple 6
Os 594 Moringa ovalifolia caudex and initially slender growth, young plants 5.50
Os 547 Oeceoclades decaryi succulent orchid from Madagascar similar to the eulophias 20
Os 532 Operculicaria decaryi young plants already forming a nice caudex 10.50
Os 511 Othonna clavifolia fleshy leaves and bright yellow flowers 0
Os 538 Othonna cremnophylla lovely little plants with a white woolly stem and glaucous leaves 0
Os 284 Othonna euphorbioides Dwarf spiky plant, winter grower 0
Os 507 Othonna furcata branching bonsai type plants 0
Os 530 Othonna herrei Young plants with knobbly brown stems 4.50
Os 602 Othonna sp. nova Steinkopf caudex plant. Very limited. 0
Os 539 Othonna triplinerva little bonsai shapes 3.50
Os 615 Othonna tuberosa caudiciform eventually forming a large tuber and relatively large yellow flowers. Young plants 0
Os 544 Oxalis convexula Easy to grow from bulbils. Give good light. 0
Os 487 Pachycormus discolor young plants of this Mexican caudiciform 0
Os 529 Pachypodium geayii About 50 cm tall, Hard grown plants. Best collected as postage is expensive. 20
Os 551 Pachypodium lamerei Madagascan 6
Os 512 Pachypodium lealii ssp. lealii Namibia, young plants 0
Os 596 Pachypodium succulentum Forming nice caudexes 7
Os 616 Peireskia grandiflora Leafy cactus with large pink flowers 5
Os 609 Pelargonium alchemilloides small plant with attractive leaves 4.50
Os 250 Pelargonium appendiculatum Caudiciform with very hairy leaves 0
Os 607 Pelargonium articulatum silky hairy leaves 4.50
Os 241 Pelargonium barkleyi Attractively marked grey-green leaves and white flowers, caudex 5.50
Os 373 Pelargonium caylae climbing pelargonium from Madagascar with beautiful glowing pink flowers 6.50
Os 533 Pelargonium cotyledonis Young plants with succulent stem and crinkly leaves. Slow. St Helena 0
Os 546 Pelargonium ferulaceum succulent stems 0
Os 286 Pelargonium fulgidum The brightest red flowers I have ever seen! 5.50
Os 252 Pelargonium gibbosum The 'gouty' pelargonium with swoillen nodes, nice white flowers flecked red 3.50
Os 555 Pelargonium hirtum Feathery leaves and pink flowers. Stays small 4.50
Os 501 Pelargonium ionidiflorum delicate leaves and many dark pink flowers 4.50
Os 374 Pelargonium laxum description 5.50
Os 261 Pelargonium lobatum Caudex, attractive purple and white flowers 0
Os 610 Pelargonium mollicomum apple scented leaves 4.50
Os 611 Pelargonium multibracteatum spreading with small zonal leaves 4.50
Os 556 Pelargonium myrrhifolium v.myrrhifolium small spreading plant 4.50
Os 211 Pelargonium oblongatum Geophyte with enormous yellow flowers. One of the best. 0
Os 444 Pelargonium pulverulentum caudex, almost black flowers 0
Os 543 Pelargonium quinquelobatum Propagations from plants collected in Yemen. Grey blue flowers. 4.50
Os 557 Pelargonium ranunculophyllum miniature leaves with zonal markings 4.50
Os 254 Pelargonium sidoides Round silvery leaves and almost black fragrent flowers 0
Os 608 Pelargonium tetragonum succulent green stems and large pink flowers. Easy and attractive 4.50
Os 214 Pelargonium triste When resting looks like dry wood.When growing produces feathery leaves and black flowers. Young seedlings. 5.50
Os 558 Pelargonium violiflorum not often offered 0
Os 606 Pelargonium worcesterae tuberous roots and small white flowers 4.50
Os 215 Pelargonium x ardens Bright red flowers and hairy leaves. Attractive. 0
Os 257 Peperomia rotundifolia Fleshy round leaves. Good for hanging pot. 0
Os 047 Plectranthus cylindraceus From Oman with very succulent and aromatic leaves. 3.50
Os 552 Pleiospilos bolusii mature flowering plants 2.50
Os 588 Pleiospilos nelii 'Royal Flush' lovely purple colour 3.50
Os 502 Pterodiscus angustifolius yellow flowers, Tanzania, Singida Province 0
Os 385 Pterodiscus sp.nova yellow flowers, Makhatini RSA 0
Os 455 Sarcocaulon crassicaule otherwise known as Bushman's candle, white flowers, Namibia. Young plants just starting to branch. 0
Os 506 Sarcocaulon herrei nice bonsai specimens with fine leaves and yellow-white flowers 0
Os 535 Sarcocaulon pattersonii spiny bonsai with large pink flowers 0
Os 508 Sarcocaulon pattersonii spiny bonsai with large pink flowers 0
Os 509 Sarcocaulon vanderietiae well developed network of branches and whitish flowers 0
Os 580 Schotia afra Xerophytic shrub from S. Africa with red flowers 7.50
Os 581 Schotia brachypetala larger growing from Namibia. Rare. 7.50
Os 592 Senecio fulgens Blue leaves and red flowers compensate for its rather sprawling habit 3.50
Os 565 Seyrigia humbertii fuzzy white stems and a big tuber or caudex 0
Os 562 Thelocactus hexaedrophorus nice blue bodies 2
Os 306 Titanopsis schwantesii Finer warts than the regulat T.calcarea 3
Os 586 Tradescantia navicularis boat shaped succulent leaves and purple flowers 2.50
Os 540 Tylecodon buchholzianus small winter grower with nice flowers 5.50
Os 578 Uncarina decaryi Yellow flowers 10
Os 290 Uncarina grandidieri Nice plants about 4 years old of the Madagascan shrub which will produce masses of bright yellow flowers with a black centre 8
Os 387 Uncarina peltata large yellow flowers 10
Os 388 Uncarina roeoesliana round caudex and yellow flowers 8
Os 364 Vanilla planiflora climbing orchid from which vanilla extract is obtained 0
Os 362 Vanilla planiflora variegated form with variegated leaves 0
Os 259  Xerosicyos danguyi A cucurbit with fleshy circular leaves, the 'Penny plant' 5.50
Os 589 Zamia furfuracea stiff leaves with brown fur 8.50
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