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Welcome to Brookside Nursery

Brookside started business in England in 1981 and moved several times around the UK and Italy. We specialise in succulents and have the biggest selection of Sansevierias in Europe. Our second biggest line is Haworthias, Gasterias and Aloes with many unusual species and cultivars. The nursery also offers an extensive range of Asclepiads, especially Hoyas, and Euphorbias and related plants, as well as succulents from many other genera.

Our list is continually updated.

Many offerings have a description and many also a picture. Please note the picture is given as an indication of the appearance of the plant. It is NOT a picture of the actual plant you will receive.

Enjoy, contact us and visit us if you can.

Please select "info" with your language for general information and ordering instructions or browse the offering lists:
    Asphodelaceae (including Aloes, Haworthias and Gasterias)
    Asclepiads (including stapeliads, Ceropegias and related genera)
    Euphorbiaceae (including Euphorbias and Monadeniums)
    Sansevierias (including S. trifasciata forms, variegates and most species)
    Others (including caudex plants of many families, Adenia, Pachypodium, Mesembs, Crassulaceae, Pelargoniums and many more.) is hosted on Cactus Mall and is best experienced with Mozilla/Firefox.
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Thanks to Volker Buddensiek for some of the images used in this website, extracted from his "Succulent Euphorbias" CD
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