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We are propagating from a stock of over 400 species, varieties and forms, so if there is something special you need which you do not find on the list, please ask.>
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Al 495 Aloe 'Arabian Night' Aloe whitcombei hybrid with dark leaves 5.50
Al 346 Aloe 'Bedford's Beau' compact rosettes with very clear cross banding 6.50
Al 199 Aloe 'Bella Bella' Hybrid of A. bellatula with albiflora and rauhii with attractively marked leaves and flowers like its parent. 0
Al 396 Aloe 'Brian Makin' Hybrid producing pink bell flowers and narrow leaves. Easy and attractive. 4.50
Al 435 Aloe 'Bright Ember' Very warty light green leaves with orange highlights 0
Al 009 Aloe 'Burnished Bronze' A hybrid of A. deltoideodonta. Leaves are reddish-bronze with faint dots. New growth is light green turning rapidly to bronze. Attractive. 0
Al 394 Aloe 'Carmine' red edges 0
Al 010 Aloe 'Cha Cha' Hybrid of A. descoingsii. Small rosettes of thick blue-green leaves. Delicate flowers. 0
Al 496 Aloe 'Creme Cassis' Creamy blackcurrant coloured rosetttes 6
Al 012 Aloe 'Dazzler' A hybrid of A.laeta x deltoideodonta. Grey-green leaves with bands of white markings almost covering the leaves, with striations giving an almost holographic effect. Nice. 3.50
Al 207 Aloe 'Derek Bowdery' Attractive hybrid named after its creator! Bronze with white spots and orange teeth. 4.50
Al 360 Aloe 'Diego/White Lightning' covered in white tubercles 6.50
Al 358 Aloe 'Donnie' compact growth with bluish leaves edged in pink 5
Al 209 Aloe 'Doran Black' American hybrid with fleshy pale green corrugated leaves. Stays small. Very attractive. Limited 5
Al 385 Aloe 'Firebird' small aloe with big orange flowers 3.50
Al 210 Aloe 'Fleury' Lives up to its name! Flowers are red tipped with yellow which look very nice. 5
Al 387 Aloe 'Franco' Very warty leaves 0
Al 337 Aloe 'Hey Babe' American hybrid of descoingsii, attractive and small 3.50
Al 493 Aloe 'Horacio Ramao' long pointed leaves with feathery teeth 6
Al 398 Aloe 'Imperial Purple' A hybrid of unknown origin,attractive and different from most of the new hybrids. This plant was mistakenly sold as A. inexpectata previously. 6.50
Al 501 Aloe 'Indian Game' leaves are slim and upright with brown flecks, like the bird 5
Al 018 Aloe 'Jade Temple' Looks like a striped pagoda. Leaves striped dark green and white like A. variegata, but strongly curved back at the ends. Most attractive.A.somalensis x rauhii x dinteri 0
Al 362 Aloe 'Jaws II' Leaves covered with white teeth, hence the name. Bill Baker hybrid 10
Al 499 Aloe 'Jaws II' x humilis Has more white prickles than the usual humilis 5
Al 361 Aloe 'Jimmy' warty blue leaves 0
Al 437 Aloe 'KG 2' Pink edges 3.50
Al 439 Aloe 'KG 2009/115' Unnamed Kelly Griffin hybrid 0
Al 436 Aloe 'KG 4' Very pronounced white warts on a green background 5.50
Al 386 Aloe 'Lavender Beauty' Glaucous lavender blue leaves 5
Al 399 Aloe 'Lavender Star' knobbly blue leaves with a red edge 0
Al 028 Aloe 'Lizard Lips' Small plant that will clump. Leaves brownish-green, almost completely covered in white spots. Edges darker brown. 4.50
Al 438 Aloe 'Lucertole' Brookside hybrid named after the Italian word for lizard 4.50
Al 533 Aloe 'Marmalade' Orange coloured and warty 0
Al 459 Aloe 'Medusa' Looks like a blue starfish with recurved leaves 5
Al 345 Aloe 'Midnight' leaves are almost black 5
Al 401 Aloe 'Milky Way' medium size aloe, fairly slow, creamy pink leaves 6.50
Al 353 Aloe 'Peacock' cream coloured leaves with various coloured markings 3.50
Al 032 Aloe 'Pepe' Hybrid of A.descoingsii x haworthioides. Small low rosettes of dark green, succulent leaves with white bristles. 4
Al 343 Aloe 'Pink Blush' warty leaves with pink blush towards the edges 3.50
Al 341 Aloe 'Pink Lace' similar to 'Snow Queen' 4.50
Al 038 Aloe 'Quicksilver' Small, leaves almost white covered with grooves, rough. Sometimes known as 'Snowflake' 4.50
Al 344 Aloe 'Raspberry Ripple' red edges to the encrusted leaves 5.50
Al 383 Aloe 'Red Edge' Kelly Griffin hybrid 6.50
Al 440 Aloe 'RFG' named after Kelly Griffin's father. 0
Al 391 Aloe 'Sabra' rather upright leaves and delicate markings 0
Al 500 Aloe 'Sal' Thick white tubercled leaves with dark flecks 0
Al 404 Aloe 'Sean's Red' KG hybrid with bright red edges to leaves. Limited. 5.50
Al 492 Aloe 'Snow Bunting' whitish leaves with a purple tinge 3.50
Al 043 Aloe 'Snow Queen' Looks like 'Pink Lace' but the flowers are lighter pink, almost white. Flowers profusely. 4.50
Al 047 Aloe 'Sparkling Burgundy' Beautiful red-violet leaves in a recurved rosette with reddish teeth at the margins. Somewhat slow. Limited. 6
Al 513 Aloe 'Strawberry Crumble' similar to 'Raspberry Ripple' but different flavour! 0
Al 359 Aloe 'Vito/Green Sand' granular surface seems like a sand sculpture 6.50
Al 244 Aloe 'Walmsley's Blue' An ancient hybrid with small smooth leaves developing a blue-purple colour in good light. Unknown parentage. 0
Al 313 Aloe 'Winter Sky' Compact, bluish leaves. Could be a descoingsii x karasbergensis hybrid. 3.50
Al 406 Aloe 'Wunderkind' Clear black cross-banding on a burnt cream background 4.50
Al 382 Aloe abyssicola Yemen, Jebel Arays 0
Al 524 Aloe aculeata young plants with spotty leaves 4.50
Al 556 Aloe aff. montis-nabro newly described from Eritrea 9.50
Al 048 Aloe aff. rivieri Propagations from collections from Saudi. Pinkish-red flowers, blue-white leaves. Will get big in time. 5
Al 523 Aloe africana young plants 4.50
Al 245 Aloe arborescens variegata Nicely variegated form of this relatively large clumping aloe. 6.50
Al 392 Aloe arenicola creeping aloe with chunky white spotted leaves 0
Al 389 Aloe bellatula x A. millottii Leaves with dotted-line margin 4.50
Al 486 Aloe bowiea syn.Chamaealoe africana. Looks more like a haworthia with unusual flowers 0
Al 008 Aloe brevifolia Tight rosettes of short turquoise green leaves. 0
Al 498 Aloe brevifolia variegated light bluish leaves with fine white striations 5
Al 393 Aloe Brookside hybrids Dwarf aloe hybrids produced by us. Take pot luck! 4.50
Al 518 Aloe castellorum Al Qa'idah, Yemen, very few, seedlings 0
Al 434 Aloe castillionae New species from Madagascar with red teeth. Still uncommon. 0
Al 450 Aloe ciliaris Beautiful orange flowers on climbing stems 4.50
Al 395 Aloe claviflora small aloe with blue leaves and orange flowers 0
Al 011 Aloe collenettae Propagations from Coll. 8358 & L+B 838 from Oman. Narrow recurved, glaucous blue-green leaves. New to cultivation. Limited. 0
Al 305 Aloe commutata Robust medium-size aloe, reddish-green with white spots and brown teeth. 4.50
Al 350 Aloe confusa description 0
Al 208 Aloe descoingsii x karasbergensis Small rosettes like A. descoingsii, but a pale blue-green with markings. Attractive. 3.50
Al 494 Aloe descoingsii x variegata Compact plant with characteristics of both parents 5
Al 525 Aloe dhofarensis hybrid seed came as dhofarensis but plants have teeth 4.50
Al 017 Aloe dichotoma Nice size plants already forming a stout stem. Around 17cm 0
Al 306 Aloe dorotheae Shiny bright green toothed leaves that turn glowing red in good light. 4.50
Al 019 Aloe dorotheae x juvenna Not a large plant. Leaves are glossy green, toothed, with white marks, going a brilliant red if kept in a sunny position. Flowers deep red. Stunning. 4.50
Al 020 Aloe dorotheae x striata(?) 'Fang' Stays relatively small like A. dorotheae with strong, curled, fang-like red teeth. Leaves are pale green with red-brown markings and striations. Flowers freely in a branching capitate raceme. 0
Al 021 Aloe dumetorum Low growing, clumping. Leaves thick but long and narrow, mid-green with whitish marks. Flowers exceptionally beautiful, short stem, fat buds, red and yellow. 3
Al 397 Aloe dwarf hybrid From BCSS seed of unknown parents 0
Al 380 Aloe fimbrialis bulb forming aloe from Tanzania 0
Al 534 Aloe forbesii Socotra. Clumping plant with attractive red and yellow flowers 4.50
Al 023 Aloe glauca Bright blue leaves in a small elongated rosette. 0
Al 442 Aloe greatheadii Attractively mottled leaves. Medium size. 0
Al 454 Aloe haworthioides v.aurantica Easier than the regular species but with the same scented flowers 4.50
Al 024 Aloe humilis Grey-green rosettes of very tuberculate leaves, narrow, densely packed. 0
Al 458 Aloe humilis hybrid Compact plant with long white tubercles 4.50
Al 449 Aloe imalotensis Larger plants with wide whitish green leaves. Limited 0
Al 519 Aloe irafensis Yemen, very few, seedlings 0
Al 310 Aloe jacksonii Narrow bluish leaves speckled white. 4.50
Al 446 Aloe juvenna Tight columns of tubercled pointed leaves. Propagated from collected material 4.50
Al 488 Aloe krapholiana v.dumoulinii could be some hybridization despite careful pollination 4.50
Al 520 Aloe laeta Mt Ibity, Madagascar, seedlings 0
Al 552 Aloe lineata Tight rosettes of glaucous tapering leaves. Will clump 4.50
Al 400 Aloe longistyla small aloe with glaucous leaves 0
Al 521 Aloe marlothii attractive young plants 4.50
Al 532 Aloe massawana Tanzania 5
Al 311  Aloe mcloughlinii Blue Nile, Ethiopia Compact plant with ground-hugging triangular leaves speckled white 4.50
Al 447 Aloe millotii Madagascan aloe with narrow pale green leaves and pretty red flowers 4.50
Al 497 Aloe morijensis Taita Hills, Kenya, still quite rare 6
Al 529 Aloe morijensis Taita Hills, Kenya 6
Al 211 Aloe nobilis variegated Came with this name but the species name may be wrong! Anyway it is a compact eventually medium-size variegated plant. 5
Al 046 Aloe officinalis McCoy YEM37. Long fleshy bright green leaves, toothed. 0
Al 031 Aloe pendens A Yemeni species that in habitat hangs down cliffs. In cultivation it forms clumps. Leaves lime-green with white dots, narrow. Flowers pale yellow which it produces continuously. Attractive 4.50
Al 535 Aloe perrieri small clumping aloe from Madagascar 4.50
Al 514 Aloe plicatilis The fan aloe 0
Al 554 Aloe plicatilis Medium size plants 8
Al 035 Aloe praetermissa Newly described species from Oman. Propagations from various collections. Leaves are smooth, pinkish purple, without teeth. Limited. 0
Al 354 Aloe pubescens description 0
Al 039 Aloe rabaiensis Kenyan aloe that will get very large. Flowers shining red, leaves fleshy and toothed. 0
Al 448 Aloe rauhii Speckled bluish leaves turn purple in strong light. Attractive. 4
Al 388 Aloe rauhii x A. somalensis Nice markings 4.50
Al 516 Aloe richardsiae v.setosa bulbous aloe from W. Namanyere, Tanzania 0
Al 403 Aloe ruffingiana small aloe with broad leaves in a rosette, green flecked white 5.50
Al 366 Aloe saponaria variegated Soft green leaves with yellow variegation 0
Al 309 Aloe saundersiae Tufts of thin blackish leaves, unusual upright flowers with open mouth. 0
Al 517 Aloe scabrifolia Marsabit, Kenya, seedlings 6.50
Al 487 Aloe schoelleri Kohaito Plateau, Eritrea 0
Al 405 Aloe sladeniana Looks like a dwarf more delicate A. variegata. Can be tricky. 0
Al 312 Aloe somaliensis Small size with black-green leaves splashed with white, dusty-red flowers. 0
Al 451 Aloe sp. aff. rivieri Collenette collection from Saudi Arabia 5.50
Al 215 Aloe suprafoliata Beautiful blue fans of leaves, eventually twisting with age. Not large. 0
Al 522 Aloe thraskii young plants of this majestic aloe 4.50
Al 441 Aloe vacillans Glaucous leaves and red flowers. Propagations from collections from Yemen and Oman 0
Al 301 Aloe vera The famous medicinal plant. 4
Al 490 Aloe vigueri slow growing Madagascan aloe with whitish leaves 0
Al 050 Aloe whitcombei Small Omani aloe that grows hanging from 1000m high cliffs. Short bluish-green leaves on short stems and white flowers. Limited. 6.50
Al 384 Aloe woolliana grassy aloe 0
Al 503 Aloe zubb Sudan. New species similar to sinkatana. Name is the Arabic word for penis! 6
Al 217 Aloloba (Astroloba deltoidea x grass aloe) Short stems of closely packed fleshy narrow green leaves, recurved, attractive red flowers. 4.50
Al 336 Alworthia 'Black Gem Variegated' Not as easy as the plain green one and rather slow 4.50
Al 370 Astroloba bullulata bright green with dark tubercles 0
Al 407 Astroloba dodsoniana v.herrei pointed glaucous leaves and odd bulbous flowers 6.50
Al 225 Gasteraloe 'Bella Green' Leaves are succulent warty and dark green, but long like those of A. bellatula. Flowers profusely. 4.50
Al 527 Gasteraloe 'Bijou' Aloe descoingsii x Gasteria batesiana 4.50
Al 502 Gasteraloe 'Bijou' Aloe descoingsii x Gasteria batesiana 4.50
Al 188 Gasteraloe 'Doreen' Narrow, pointed leaves, light green with grey stripes down the leaf centre. Different. 4.50
Al 187 Gasteraloe 'El Supremo' G. batesiana x A. variegata 6.50
Al 408 Gasteraloe 'Gold Variegated' similar to 'Green Gold' but more yellow 5.50
Al 319 Gasteraloe 'Green Gold' Deep green leaves with golden tubercles. 4.50
Al 189 Gasteraloe 'Green Ice' Beautiful ice-green leaves with darker markings on the upper side. Can get quite large in time. Impressive. 3.50
Al 324 Gasteraloe 'Green Ice' silver form Form with no green markings at all. Still rare.Limited. 4.50
Al 190 Gasteraloe 'Green Wax' Hybrid of G. armstrongii. Leaves are very thick and waxy, smooth and in a rosette. 0
Al 094 Gasteraloe 'Helen Haage' Looks like 'Katherine McDonald' but leaves are more densely tubercled. 4.50
Al 095 Gasteraloe 'Katherine McDonald' Looks like a hybrid of A. juvenna and G. batesiana. Grows a stem covered with leaves that are a green gold colour, covered with golden pearly tubercles. 3.50
Al 409 Gasteraloe 'Mini-Belle' small plant, a Hummel hybrid 4.50
Al 246 Gasteraloe 'Morning Dew' A hybrid of Aloe aristata with something else. Covered in pearly markings looking like drops of dew. As yet very limited. 4.50
Al 320 Gasteraloe 'Obesum' G. glomerata x A. descoingsii results in a plant with smooth glaucous leaves with a purple tinge. Attractive. 5.50
Al 536 Gasteraloe 'Quicksilver' Nice grey leaves and bright red flowers. American hybrid. 4.50
Al 092 Gasteraloe 'White Wings' Long pointed grey-purple leaves with darker markings. 0
Al 051 Gasteraloe 'Wonder' Very pale green leaves in a rosette, lightly tubercled. Stays small. 0
Al 096 Gasteraloe 'World Beauty' Hybrid of G.glomerata and A.parvula that takes the texture and colour of the gasteria but leaf shape of the Aloe. Attractive. 0
Al 528 Gasteraloe 'Zambesi' probably a hybrid of Aloe variegata and Gasteria verrucosa 3.50
Al 027 Gasteraloe (Aloe jucunda x Gasteria batesiana) Mid-green pointed leaves with a rough surface and darker markings. Attractive. 0
Al 377 Gasteraloe (G.armstrongii x A. aristata) dark green leaves 0
Al 218 Gasteria 'Aramatsu' Chunky leaves, dark-green with grey markings and highly corrugated. Leaves may vary as the plant grows. 8.50
Al 060 Gasteria 'Black Armstrongii' Thick leaves which turn blackish-green in good light, rather smoother and more pointed than the species. 5.50
Al 061 Gasteria 'Black Beauty' Smooth, rather long leaves with rounded tips, rich plum colour, darker in good light. Attractive. 3.50
Al 339 Gasteria 'Cream' hybrid created by Fernwood nursery in California. White variegation on the leaves looks like someone had poured cream into the green colour 0
Al 220 Gasteria 'Fernwood' A cultivar of G. armstrongii with extra wide leaves with a bluish tinge. 0
Al 065 Gasteria 'Fuji Giant' Japanese cultivar with thick chunky leaves, grey-white with dense bluish striations. Slow and not particularly big. 0
Al 068 Gasteria 'Green Imp' Possibly an armstronii cultivar, leaves are yellowish-green with delicate green striations. 5.50
Al 069 Gasteria 'Gyuaden' Blackish-green, thick, stubby leaves without markings, tapering, very slow. Offsetting after nearly 10 years! Slow. 6.50
Al 070 Gasteria 'Hummel's Silver' Medium to large in time, with very warty silver leaves, with grooves and lines in chevron patterns. Impressive. 0
Al 071 Gasteria 'Isobe no Matsu' Thick, pointed leaves, spirally with age, blue-grey with dense white striations. Limited. 5.50
Al 072 Gasteria 'Isomatsu' Very thick, stubby leaves, grey-white with a very few dark green markings in the centre of the upper surface. Very slow and beautiful. Limited. 6.50
Al 221 Gasteria 'Jurassic' New Japanese cultivar with thick wide tightly packed grey-green leaves. Prehistoric looking! 6.50
Al 444 Gasteria 'King Tut' Name probably comes from its dark and shiny colours 4
Al 511 Gasteria 'Konsongo' silvery elongated leaves 4.50
Al 413 Gasteria 'Lakood' Very rough tapered leaves 4.50
Al 414 Gasteria 'Lime Warty' lime green edges, similar to 'Little Warty' 4.50
Al 075 Gasteria 'Little Warty' Not so little in time, but slow. Leaves are a silver-green with lots of pearly tubercles, thick. 0
Al 316 Gasteria 'madagascariensis' Very attractive compact plant with stubby blackish-green leaves covered with numerous white cross-bands. 0
Al 222 Gasteria 'Misuzu no Fuji' Similar to 'Fuji Giant' but with some yellowish markings also. 4.50
Al 415 Gasteria 'Moppy' dwarf purple rosettes 4.50
Al 076 Gasteria 'N.C.S.' Japanese cultivar. Leaves extremely thick and stubby, dark green with a slight glaucous cover, lightly mottled and with yellowish-white variegation. Extremely slow. Limited. 0
Al 445 Gasteria 'Pradera' Fat stubby leaves, sage green with striations. Very nice. 5.50
Al 084 Gasteria 'Rumpelstiltskin' Small with stubby, deeply grooved leaves, apple green with dark green stripes. Nice. 0
Al 224 Gasteria 'Sakura Fuji' Similar to 'Satu-Satu no Matsu' but leaves are somewhat chunkier and have yellow colour with green striations. 5.50
Al 481 Gasteria 'Sakuri Pusi' SB 00 Chunky leaves with lots of white variegation 5.50
Al 085 Gasteria 'Salad Cream' Pilbeam cultivar with short stubby leaves, blue-grey with yellowish-white variegation. 4.50
Al 086 Gasteria 'Satu-Satu no Matsu' Dwarf clumping Japanese cultivar, leaves pure white with green striations. Not difficult. 6.50
Al 087 Gasteria 'Smokey' Smokey green colour without markings, medium size. Impressive. 4.50
Al 088 Gasteria 'Van Damme' Small, silver-pink leaves, covered with pearly tubercles. Attractive. 0
Al 090 Gasteria 'Warthog' clone 1 Stubby, grooved leaves, pale green with dark green striations. Very slow. Limited. 0
Al 091 Gasteria 'Warthog' clone 2 Leaves much lumpier, mottled, greyer, leaves congested. Extremely slow. Limited. 0
Al 483 Gasteria 'Whale' Appeared as a pup from 'Jurassic'. Very dark smooth and rounded leaves like a whale! 0
Al 335 Gasteria armstrongii fat dark green leaves 5.50
Al 510 Gasteria armstrongii 'Lime Essence' Pale green leaves, very rough 6.50
Al 512 Gasteria armstrongii 'Speckles' very warty form of armstrongii from Natures Curiosity Shop 0
Al 480 Gasteria armstrongii x glabra Kew hybrid produced by Peter Brandham 5.50
Al 055 Gasteria batesiana Leaves covered with pearly raised dots, take on a reddish colour in strong light. Easy. 0
Al 390 Gasteria batesiana hybrid lost label so other parent unknown, but compact chunky growth 6.50
Al 482 Gasteria batesiana v.dolomitica Much more warty than the species and greyish. Very attractive. 0
Al 056 Gasteria batesiana variegated Leaves have yellow striations or sometimes more extensive yellow areas. 0
Al 491 Gasteria batesiana x armstrongii Nice fat leaves with white dots 0
Al 530 Gasteria batesiana x armstrongii clone 2 Thick tubercled leaves that turn reddish in good light 4.50
Al 057 Gasteria baylissiana Small plant with rounded leaf tips and densely covered with grey-white markings. Will clump. 4.50
Al 526 Gasteria baylissiana KBG 474/06 EvJ Rather nice form 5.50
Al 058 Gasteria baylissiana v. ellaphieae Form that is a little smaller and turns a beautiful violet colour in good light. Very attractive. 5.50
Al 059 Gasteria beckeri Stubby verrucose leaves, light green. 0
Al 410 Gasteria bicolor clone collected by Ernst van Jaarsveld 0
Al 475 Gasteria brachyphylla v.bayeri stubby tongue shaped leaves that are a light brown in colour. Very nice, 0
Al 318 Gasteria carinata Chunky dark green leaves with white tubercles. 3.50
Al 317 Gasteria carinata 'Snowstorm' Pointed dark green leaves dotted with white pearls. 4.50
Al 054 Gasteria carinata variegated Short thick leaves, originally received as armstrongii variegated, very white with a yellow tinge and green striations. 4.50
Al 063 Gasteria disticha Thick stubby leaves, dark green heavily mottled with light green. 0
Al 531 Gasteria doreenae Still uncommon small gasteria with bluish purple leaves 5.50
Al 412 Gasteria ellaphieae Small gasteria with greyish tubercled leaves 4.50
Al 314 Gasteria glauca Couga Dam Incredibly blue-grey leaves. 3.50
Al 066 Gasteria glomerata Pale to mid-green leaves without markings, looking inflated. Prefers a little shade. 3.50
Al 243 Gasteria KG 97 Japanese cultivar. Thick, stubby leaves, dark blackish-green with yellow striations. Patterns are variable. Very slow. Limited. 0
Al 073 Gasteria KG 98 Japanese cultivar. Flattened, stubby leaves, bluish-lime green with darker markings on mature leaves. Very attractive and slow. 6.50
Al 074 Gasteria liliputana Small clumping fan-shaped rosettes of shiny leaves bright green with whitish cross banding. Easy. 3.50
Al 367 Gasteria marmorata variegated Blue-grey leaves with heavy striations 4.50
Al 077 Gasteria nigricans BK71120. Bruce Kent cultivar. Leaves are hard, pointed, swollen towards the base and dark greenish-black, new growth with attractive light mottling in bands. 0
Al 223 Gasteria nitida Tongue like dark green leaves, mottled with white 0
Al 355 Gasteria nitida Jefferson Bay 5
Al 078 Gasteria obtusa Sometimes called variegated due to the heavy bands of whitish-yellow markings on the light green leaves. Attractive and easy. 0
Al 489 Gasteria obtusa 'Platinum' Variation with more silver colouration 4
Al 079 Gasteria pillansii v. ernestii-ruschii variegated. Strong growing, clumping form with short leaves with rounded ends, green with tubercles and variable variegation. Easy. 0
Al 080 Gasteria poellnitziana v. bicolor Attractive form with pale green leaves, without markings, edged with deep blackish-green. 0
Al 082 Gasteria pseudonigricans Similar to G. nigricans but rosettes are much smaller and darker offsetting to form dense clumps. 0
Al 081 Gasteria pulchra Tall gasteria with long, narrow grey leaves, densely covered with darker markings. Attractive. Propagations from collections by Derek Tribble and RD. 0
Al 083 Gasteria rawlinsonii Different from all other gasterias. Tall stems with dark green leaves without markings standing out horizontally at intervals. Needs some shade. 6.50
Al 504 Gasteria rawlinsonii x batesiana variegated ZW 2010 hybrid. Stacking variegated leaves as would be expected. 8.50
Al 315 Gasteria sp. Mamba Valley RS 1294. Looks like a miniature G. acinacifolia. 3.50
Al 089 Gasteria verrucosa Medium size, mid-green leaves heavily coated with pearl dots. Easy. 3.50
Al 419 Gasteria vlokii greyish very succulent recurved leaves 5.50
Al 485 Gasteria vlokii x baylissiana Very chunky toffee coloured leaves flecked with white 0
Al 052 Gasterworthia 'Hayashi' Unknown parents but the flowers give an indication. Leaves are smooth, stiff, dark green without markings and curve downwards. Looks oriental. Impressive. 0
Al 097 Gasterworthia 'Royal Highness' Leaves are in rosettes, short, pointed, dark green, reddish in light, covered with large white tubercles. Will clump. 0
Al 098 Gastroloba 'Jolly' Shiny pointed leaves, spiralling, apple green with numerous white markings. An attractive plant that flowers well. 0
Al 327 Haworthia 'Alligator Pair' Looks like 'Crocodile Rock' to me! 0
Al 227 Haworthia 'Anna Coccozza' Attractive hybrid with purple truncated leaves with rough surfaces 0
Al 105 Haworthia 'Big Joe' Form of H. reinwardtii with short stems of fat dark green leaves hugging the stem and covered in very large pure white tubercles. Attractive. 4.50
Al 107 Haworthia 'Chocolate' Retuse, somewhat bristly leaves, deep chocolate brown in good light. Attractive. 4.50
Al 229 Haworthia 'Crocodile Rock' American hybrid. One of the parents is H. koelmaniorum, but the leaves are a bit longer than that species with silvery markings. Very limited 0
Al 420 Haworthia 'Down Under' thick succulent leaves with frosted top, not unlike 'Sizunami' 4.50
Al 115 Haworthia 'Frosty' Thick dark green retuse leaves with frosted leaf tips 4.50
Al 116 Haworthia 'Grey Ghost' Pointed leaves with very strong striations of whitish-grey. 4.50
Al 477 Haworthia 'Grey Salt' HBG 73836 truncata x angustifolia Hard slim grey leaves 5.50
Al 543 Haworthia 'Grey Salt' hybrid Nice markings 5
Al 117 Haworthia 'Harry Johnson II' Somewhat tall dark green leaves with lighter windowed tips. 4.50
Al 120 Haworthia 'Jack Brown' Pointed leaves in a rosette, bronze colour with darker markings, lighter inside. 0
Al 121 Haworthia 'Jade Star' A hybrid of H. koelmaniorum x limifolia v. umbomboensis, which takes the form and texture of the former and the pale green colour of the latter. Very attractive. Limited. 4.50
Al 331 Haworthia 'Jay Dodson' Chunky sculptured bright green leaves. 0
Al 466 Haworthia 'Jay Dodson' x 'Kotohine' Compact rosettes with green striped leaves going reddish in sun 6.50
Al 540 Haworthia 'Kikuhigasa' Japanese hybrid 4.50
Al 473 Haworthia 'Kintaikyu' Japanese hybrid with tessellata. Still rare and slow to propagate 0
Al 509 Haworthia 'Lady Grey' form of venosa v.tessellata with nice markings RS 324 3.50
Al 515 Haworthia 'Michael Cocozza' Cocozza hybrid with mottled leaves, named by Joyce for her husband 8.50
Al 426 Haworthia 'Midori no Sono' Japanese cultivar probably of H. cymbiformis with white flecked leaves 4.50
Al 140 Haworthia 'Misty' Cocozza hybrid 312. Flat, grey-green rosettes with plentiful grey-white bristles giving an overall misty effect 0
Al 378 Haworthia 'Sanxianshou' H. cooperi hybrid with thick leaves in a tight rosette 8
Al 195 Haworthia 'Shooting Stars' A hybrid of H. setata v. multifolia which is more attractive than the usual one. Makes a good specimen plant. 3.50
Al 465 Haworthia 'Springtoniana' Cocozza hybrid of springbokvlakensis and comptoniana 6.50
Al 162 Haworthia 'Sugar Candy' Rosettes of narrow, tapered leaves, bristly and looking like sugar coated on the upper surface. Cocozza hybrid. 4.50
Al 163 Haworthia 'Sugar Plum' Cocozza hybrid. Compact retuse rosettes, bright grey-green with a 4.50
Al 237 Haworthia 'Tengai' A hybrid of H. bruynsii and H. koelmaniorum. The result is a rosette of hard lime-green leaves with rounded tuberculate tips. Very attractive. Very limited. 10
Al 242 Haworthia 'Yume Dono' Tight rosettes of blackish-brown retuse leaves with frosted windows. Limited. 0
Al 226 Haworthia angustifolia Clumping rosettes of narrow pointed unmarked leaves, forest green with purple tinges in good light. 3.50
Al 303 Haworthia arachnoidea v.scabrispina Beautiful plant that looks like it has been wrapped up in white netting. 0
Al 539 Haworthia arenaria CC482 (YC 324) small rosettes 5.50
Al 099 Haworthia attenuata Rosettes of pointed leaves with rough surface and some whitish tubercles. Easy. 0
Al 468 Haworthia attenuata 'Tanba' fatter and more stubby leaves makes this an attractive form 3.50
Al 103 Haworthia attenuata v. caespitosa A form which has pure white raised tubercles arranged in bands across the leaves. Very attractive. 0
Al 545 Haworthia attenuata variegated leaves striated with yellow and sometimes red 4.50
Al 104 Haworthia batesiana Small bright green rosettes, smooth and with paler markings. 3.50
Al 542 Haworthia bolusii Graf Reinet 6
Al 363 Haworthia burgherfortensis Bredasdorp 3.50
Al 381 Haworthia capillaris syn. odyssei, tight hairy rosettes 0
Al 364 Haworthia chlorocantha v.denticulifera forms dense mats of tiny rosettes 3.50
Al 416 Haworthia comptoniana Large shiny green rosettes with flat topped leaves 0
Al 376 Haworthia comptoniana x 'Lime Green' compact pale green rosettes 0
Al 106 Haworthia cooperi Rosettes of pointed bright green leaves, almost transparent, glassy, turning pinkish in good light. 3.50
Al 192 Haworthia cooperi v. pilifera Form from Stutterheim. Looks like the inside of a pomegranate but pinkish-green. Will clump up 4.50
Al 365 Haworthia cooperi v.pilifera variegated Very attractive Japanese form. Needs good light to stay compact. 5
Al 456 Haworthia cooperi v.pilifera x retusa Pale green pointed leaves with ridged windows 4.50
Al 108 Haworthia cymbiformis Clumping species with round rosettes of bright green, glassy leaves. Easy. 3.50
Al 230 Haworthia cymbiformis 'Green Rose' Form with unmarked green leaves which are incurved like a rose bud. 4.50
Al 110 Haworthia cymbiformis 'Pinky' Delightful form in which the top half of the leaves turns bright pink when kept cool and dry in good light. Nice. 3.50
Al 109 Haworthia cymbiformis v. lepida Form with smaller rosettes, leaves with a distinct keel. 3.50
Al 550 Haworthia cymbiformis v.brevifolia compact form 3.50
Al 455 Haworthia cymbiformis v.incurvula Nice incurved leaves. One of the better varieties. 3.50
Al 112 Haworthia cymbiformis variegated ISI 9428 A very attractive form with rounded leaf-ends. Very succulent. Limited. 0
Al 321 Haworthia cymbiformis x retusa Looks like it has been moulded in glass. Chunky transparent leaves with dark striations. Goes reddish in good light. 4.50
Al 113 Haworthia divergens Calitzdorp.Small plant, forming clumps. Leaves short, narrow, tapering, grass green with brown shading in good light. 0
Al 546 Haworthia emelyae v.major Japanese clone, silvery 4.50
Al 537 Haworthia esterhuizenii E. Albertinia GM 322 6
Al 421 Haworthia glauca v.herrei Lav. 26114 collection. Upright rosettes of hard, pointed, blue leaves 4.50
Al 467 Haworthia glauca v.herrei fa.armstrongii fatter leaves with some tubercles 4.50
Al 119 Haworthia herbacea Bosfontein Small very bristly rosettes. Attractive. 5
Al 122 Haworthia janseana Bright green shiny rosettes of toothed leaves that turn red in good light. Nice. 4.50
Al 124 Haworthia koelmaniorum Clustering form. Flat rosettes of tapering dark brown leaves with rough surface, tending to pull down into the ground. One of the best Haworthias. Limited. 0
Al 469 Haworthia koelmaniorum nice little seedlings from our own careful pollination 0
Al 368 Haworthia koelmaniorum v.koelmaniorum RSA, Groblersdal 8
Al 422 Haworthia koelmaniorum x limifolia Hard green rosettes with ridges. Rather slow. 0
Al 125 Haworthia limifolia Name means leaves like a file. Dark green flat rosettes of pointed and extremely rough leaves. 4.50
Al 231 Haworthia limifolia fa. nigra Form with leaves that are a deep blackish green. Quite striking. 4.50
Al 423 Haworthia limifolia fm striata Each leaf is striped white. A plant that catches the eye. 4.50
Al 126 Haworthia limifolia v. gigantea Variety with the surface ridges arranged in clear bands. 4.50
Al 127 Haworthia limifolia v. umbomboensis Variety with smooth pale green leaves, taking a pinkish hue in strong light. 4.50
Al 551 Haworthia limifolia variegated variegated striations 5
Al 332 Haworthia lockwoodii Fascinating plant looking rather like a drying artichoke. Still rare. 0
Al 128 Haworthia longiana Strange haworthia with tall, pointed, smooth, mid-green leaves. Limited 0
Al 129 Haworthia longiana x tesselata Small three angled rosettes of pale green ridged leaves with whitish edges 4.50
Al 130 Haworthia magnifica Riversdale Chunky retuse leaves with striations on the leaf windows. 3.50
Al 200 Haworthia magnifica v. calcarea hybrid Rosettes of mid green leaves covered with raised whitish tubercles 4
Al 131 Haworthia magnifica v. maraisii fm. whitesloaneana Small rosettes of short narrow leaves covered in white bristly warts. 4.50
Al 134 Haworthia magnifica v. paradoxa x H. mag. notabilis Thick, Very dark green rosettes with whitish tubercles on the outside and edges.Cocozza hybrid CC3066 CCO239 0
Al 471 Haworthia magnifica v.asperula CCO 141 Cocozza collection rough leaf surfaces, purple in sun 4.50
Al 484 Haworthia magnifica v.guttata Rosettes of tuberculed leaves reddish at the base 4.50
Al 453 Haworthia magnifica v.paradoxa Tight rosettes of shiny retuse leaves 4.50
Al 425 Haworthia mantellii Compact rosettes of leaves with rounded translucent tips 4.50
Al 505 Haworthia maraisii v.notabilis Klaasvoogds 4.50
Al 135 Haworthia margaretifera variegated Stout leaves, unusual colour, yellowish-grey with many striations and raised tubercles. 4.50
Al 371 Haworthia maughanii Japanese Star Markings 0
Al 325 Haworthia maughanii Truncated leaves in a spiral rosette. 0
Al 547 Haworthia maughanii x truncata compact growth 4.50
Al 137 Haworthia mcmurtryi x coarctata Leaves are taller than H. mcmurtryi but taking its brownish colour in good light with whitish dots. 3.50
Al 138 Haworthia minima Rietvlei IB7177. Small rosettes of pointed leaves covered in white pearly tubercles. Attractive. 4.50
Al 428 Haworthia mirabilis v.mundula Compact rosettes of succulent shiny leaves 4.50
Al 507 Haworthia mirabilis v.sublineata dark green compact rosettes 5.50
Al 544 Haworthia montana Swartberg 4.50
Al 548 Haworthia nigra black crystalline surface 3.50
Al 427 Haworthia ollasonii Compact rosettes of fat greyish leaves 4.50
Al 460 Haworthia otzenii Truncated leaves in a dense rosette 4.50
Al 143 Haworthia parksiana Miniature rosettes of very dark green leaves, hard and without markings. Slow. 5.50
Al 234 Haworthia parksiana hybrid Slightly larger than the species and a brighter green with paler striations. Nice. 3.50
Al 476 Haworthia pumila 'Little Donut' Covered in doughnut shaped white tubercles 6.50
Al 144 Haworthia pumila clustering form Dark green leaves covered with raised white tubercles, remains small but clusters freely. 3.50
Al 541 Haworthia pygmaea YSK CCO 1534 Nice Japanese clone from the Cocozza collection 4.50
Al 479 Haworthia pygmaea 'Hakuma' Nice hairy form. Very limited. 0
Al 147 Haworthia pygmaea v. asperula Dark green retuse leaves, end windows are rough and frosted. Attractive. 4.50
Al 148 Haworthia pygmaea x monticola IB 5510. Erect tapering leaves, brownish-green with whitish stripes. Attractive. 0
Al 149 Haworthia reinwardtii v. chalwinii Columns of half-pear shaped dark green leaves with white markings. Attractive. 4.50
Al 430 Haworthia reinwardtii v.kaffirdriftensis Leaves have numerous longitudinal lines. Attractive. 0
Al 429 Haworthia reinwardtii v.reinwardtii Upright plant with chunky white marked leaves 4.50
Al 431 Haworthia resendeana Upright growth goes almost black in good light. 4.50
Al 538 Haworthia reticulata v.hurlingii DT 2417 pink flowers 5.50
Al 508 Haworthia reticulata v.reticulata pink flowers! 4.50
Al 432 Haworthia retusa hybrid Unknown parentage but attractive truncated leaves 3.50
Al 154 Haworthia retusa striated Compact retuse leaves with yellowish white striations, sometimes developing sectorial variegation in good light. Limited. 0
Al 472 Haworthia retusa v.argenteomaculosa x schuldtiana nice combination! very attractive 5
Al 340 Haworthia scabra spiral form compact 0
Al 156 Haworthia scabra v. morrisiae x woolleyi Three-angled rosettes of hard leaves, dark green, rough on the back CCO242 5.50
Al 235 Haworthia scabra v. scabra Slow growing rosettes of hard blackish leaves covered in raised black tubercles 5
Al 157 Haworthia scabra v. starkiana Spiralling rosettes of smooth, hard, pointed, mid-green leaves. 0
Al 158 Haworthia scabra v. starkiana lateganiae Leaves are more pointed and tapering, also more tightly spiralled. 4.50
Al 159 Haworthia scabra x koelmaniorum Very unusual with pointed black leaves covered in black warts. Slow. Limited. 5
Al 322 Haworthia schuldtiana hybrid SH 98 Retuse leaves with the flattened end covered in pinkish-white hairs. Very attractive. 0
Al 463 Haworthia schuldtians hybrid CC 1871 chunky leaves with white bristles 0
Al 433 Haworthia setata Compact bristly rosettes 4.50
Al 204 Haworthia subattenuata variegated Form with leaves striated with yellow and sometimes red 5.50
Al 164 Haworthia tortuosa variegated Small spiralling rosettes of grey-green with dense striations of a lighter green 4.50
Al 165 Haworthia translucens tenera Huntersdrift. Soft, pale green, incurved rosettes of narrow leaves with bristly edges. 3.50
Al 323 Haworthia transluscens Krom River Larger than its variety tenera with rosettes of pale green bristly rosettes. 4.50
Al 169 Haworthia truncata 'Lime Green' Pale green form with thick leaves and fanned frosted effect on the windows. Attractive. Limited. 6.50
Al 202 Haworthia truncata 'Sizunami' Attractive hybrid with thick chunky leaves that take on a silky chestnut colour in good light. Some are reversions from the variegated form, so you might get lucky. 4.50
Al 196 Haworthia truncata 'Sizunami' variegated Everyone wants this! Very slow to offset. 0
Al 167 Haworthia truncata (large form) Bigger leaves with windows having curly edges. Impressive. 6.50
Al 168 Haworthia truncata (small form) Compact form which eventually clumps, but individual rosettes remain small. Slow. 6.50
Al 474 Haworthia truncata v.congesta 'Fujiwara' Japanese form that produces a big fan. Nice young plants that will grow into beauties 10
Al 302 Haworthia truncata v.minor Very small form with hairy leaf ends. Rarely offsets. 0
Al 464 Haworthia truncata x maughanii x Kegani Interesting combination with purple truncated leaves 6.50
Al 170 Haworthia truncata x retusa Very attractive hybrid with leaf ends rounded and sugary, compact, turns reddish in good light. Limited. 0
Al 506 Haworthia truncata x springbokvlakensis x maughanii x emelyae interesting combination with compact growth and nice patterns 5
Al 171 Haworthia truncata x tuberculata Compact, very dark green leaves with frosty tips. Slow. 4.50
Al 173 Haworthia unicolor G8019. Smooth, dark-green incurved rosettes without markings. 4.50
Al 239 Haworthia venosa hybrid Parents unknown but looks like a cross with H.magnifica. Leaves olive-green with red-brown tips and lighter striations 0
Al 175 Haworthia venosa v. granulata Compact rosettes of chunky darkblackish-green leaves covered with tubercles of a lighter green. Impressive. 4.50
Al 176 Haworthia venosa v. tesselata Small rosettes of pointed succulent leaves with a net-like pattern on the windows. Light brown to grey-green. 3.50
Al 179 Haworthia venosa v. tesselata 'Coriacea' x viscosa Pale green rosettes of smooth pointed leaves turning orange in strong light. Limited. 4.50
Al 461 Haworthia venosa v.granulata variegated attractive variegated form 5
Al 470 Haworthia venosa v.tessellata x koelmaniorum Interesting hard dark rosettes with ridged leaves 5.50
Al 462 Haworthia venusta x Chocolate hairy leaves which go brown in good light 6
Al 478 Haworthia viscosa Japanese form with leaves that are paler and wartier 5.50
Al 240 Haworthia viscosa x nigra Compact rosettes of hard pointed leaves, somewhat rough and almost black 4.50
Al 241 Haworthia viscosa x starkiana Leaves are blackish, hard and smooth, compact 4.50
Al 457 Haworthia woolleyi Small plant with pointed leaves, dark green and inside purplish 0
Al 549 Haworthia woolleyi hybrid bigger and stronger than the species 3.50
Al 184 Haworthia zantneriana Small rosettes of soft dark green leaves, pointed and with white edges. Compact and attractive. 0
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