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The collection of hoyas consists of over 250 species. We are propagating from these as fast as we can, although some are rather slow. All cuttings are rooted and vary in size depending on the species.
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As 635 Basionema gregorii 10.5cm caudex plant related to Fockea with yellow flowers 0
As 599 Ceropegia rupicola Has pinkish-white flowers. Could be a hybrid. 0
As 597 Ceropegia stapeliiformis x cimiciodora interesting flowers 0
As 591 Cynanchum luteifluens Very rough grey stems, yellow flowers and yellow latex 0
As 359 Cynanchum macrolobum Knobbly blue stem mottled with black! 6.50
As 360 Cynanchum marnieranum Pendant wart stems and yellow lantern flowers 6.50
As 624 Fockea camura caudex and spidery leaves 0
As 634 Fockea crispa The one that has curly leaves when mature 0
As 650 Fockea edulis Good sized plants with caudex 0
As 655 Fockea multiflora young plants with caudex eventually producing a vine 0
As 660 Hoodia gordonii Mature nursery grown clumps 20
As 510 Hoya australis Glossy dark leaves and white flowers 0
As 586 Hoya carnosa very easy and almost hardy, pink waxy flowers 0
As 371 Hoya carnosa easy and almost hardy 0
As 289 Hoya erythrina Unusual shaped leaves which turn dark red in good light 0
As 557 Hoya erythrina 2780 similar to 5842 0
As 446 Hoya excavata description 0
As 266 Hoya kerri 'albomarginata' Very attractive form with white variegation at the leaf edges 0
As 239 Hoya kerrii The popular hoya with heart-shaped leaves. 0
As 338 Hoya kerrii 'Chanrit's Choice' rarer form with yellow central variegation 5
As 316 Hoya obovata Large round leaves, flowers freely. 0
As 269 Hoya pubicalyx 'Jungle Garden' Sometimes called 'Silver Pink'. Leaves splashed with silver, flowers deep pink. Easy.Larger plants. 0
As 437 Hoya subquintuplinervis description 0
As 661 Matelea cyclophylla Mexico. 4cm diameter corky caudex and vine. Smelly flowers. 15
As 648 Raphionacme longituba elongated caudex 0
As 649 Raphionacme madiensis green purple flowers, nice caudex 0
As 615 Sarcostemma arabicum Collenette collection from Saudi Arabia 6.50
As 425 Sarcostemma arabicum ZW 209 southern Yemen 6.50
As 614 Sarcostemma connivens pink flowers 4.50
As 223 Sarcostemma vanlessenii 4.50
As 613 Sarcostemma viminale white flowers 4.50
As 609 Stapelia grandiflora The biggest flower and easy to grow. 0
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