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Plants are supplied as cuttings generally with roots. We suggest you leave them unpotted for a few days to allow any cut surfaces to dry. Please note that we generally do not ship Sansevierias during the winter as we are not able to divide plants at that time.

The Sansevieria collection is very extensive but we can only offer plants when they are big enough to separate and due to demand we cannot maintain a list of available plants. Therefore we list what may be available mostly without prices and we will confirm what we can supply and prices when you email your order. It may take some time before we can give you a firm offer but all enquiries will be acknowledged and dealt with in date order.
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Sa 306 Sansevieria 'Abun' plant obtained from Indonesia. Dwarf with blue leaves. Slow. 0
Sa 177 Sansevieria 'African Dawn' Related to S. aubrytiana but with leaves so densely mottled to appear whitish-green with thin green lines. The leaf has a pink blush spreading from the base upwards. 0
Sa 004 Sansevieria 'angustior' HBG Lavranos Somalia. Very dwarf with elliptical leaves in rosettes with distinct black cross-banding. Slow. 0
Sa 059 Sansevieria 'Balthasar' An interesting Chahinian cross between S. fischeri and the spoon-leaf sansevieria Lav.5949 from Mozambique. The leaves are grey-green, thick, spoon-shaped and with markings as in S. fischeri. Compact. Inflorescence intermediate. 0
Sa 268 Sansevieria 'Black Bat' hallii type with very dark leaves 0
Sa 233 Sansevieria 'Black Scimitar' ES '7212' Thick black-green leaves and capitate flowers 0
Sa 283 Sansevieria 'Blue braunii' Originally came as braunii. Blue leaves. Probably a new species. 0
Sa 207 Sansevieria 'Blue Kew' Short glaucous leaves. Forms a short stem.BAIC 243 0
Sa 237 Sansevieria 'Boncel' Compact growing form of S. cylindriva v.patula. 0
Sa 116 Sansevieria 'Doris Pfennig' A hybrid of hargeisana x pinguicula named in honour of the wife of its creator. More cold tolerant than S. pinguicula. Leaves are thick and slightly recurved ending in a very sharp point. Offsets by stolons which root down easily like S. pinguicula. Not fast growing. Flower stem short and branching. 0
Sa 048 Sansevieria 'Druid Hill' A Jankalski hybrid that looks like a parva with thick leaves and lighter cross-banding. Attractive. Limited. 0
Sa 112 Sansevieria 'Ed Eby' (patens) Very dark green stiff pointed leaves with distinctive grooves down the sides. Young plants have recurved leaves. Not too big. 0
Sa 260 Sansevieria 'Ed Eby' variegated variegation changes with age 0
Sa 308 Sansevieria 'Hawaiian Star' Attractive hybrid of halli + another. Flowers on the ground. 0
Sa 130 Sansevieria 'Horwood' FKH 424 Very attractive plant with dramatic glossy green leaves with grey-white mottling, rough on the underside. Flowers profusely. A must for any collection. 0
Sa 307 Sansevieria 'Kadzi 1' Mount Whenje, Mozambique. Scimitar type. 0
Sa 281 Sansevieria 'Kadzi 1' Mount Panda Mozambique. Scimitar type with attractive mottling. 0
Sa 310 Sansevieria 'Kadzi 1' silver Kalingamuntsi, Mozambique. Somewhere between hallii and bhitalae 0
Sa 311 Sansevieria 'Kadzi 1' silver blue Kalingamuntsi, Mozambique. Leaves lighter in colour. 0
Sa 240 Sansevieria 'Kariba Bat' Very wide thick leaves. Semi-capitate inflorescence. New species. PLLP 8753 Kariba 0
Sa 178 Sansevieria 'Kyamasumba' Thick deep green leaves and extremely long flower tubes. New to cultivation. Comes from the Congo. 0
Sa 206 Sansevieria 'Las Anod' Aff. ehrenbergii. Leaves glaucous blue, long and tapered. BAIC 54 Somalia 0
Sa 238 Sansevieria 'Lav.1970' Collected by Lavranos in 1970. Pale green shoots in fans. 0
Sa 133 Sansevieria 'Lav.23251' From Somalia. Looks like a hybrid of S. pinguicula and S. arborescens! Leaves are short, thick and sharply pointed, somewhat glaucous especially when young. Forms a short stem covered with leaves. A little slow. Limited. 0
Sa 091 Sansevieria 'Leopard Bat' A natural hybrid, probably of S. fischeri and S. kirkii. Leaves are very thick and 0
Sa 136 Sansevieria 'Malawi Bat' Very attractive. Leaves are bat-shaped but taller and more rounded, light green with very dark green longitudinal stripes. Slow. Limited. Two clones 0
Sa 312 Sansevieria 'McLoughlin' suffruticosa group. Leaves short, rounded and heavily marked. Pf 1622 0
Sa 101 Sansevieria 'Midnight Star' An impressive plant with narrow, semi-cylindrical, dark green leaves with a reddish edge. A hybrid of unknown origin. 0
Sa 256 Sansevieria 'Mukombego' Mt. Guro Mozambique Thick blue-green leaves 0
Sa 313 Sansevieria 'Mukombego' from near Nyamoyo, Mozambique. Green scimitar like. 0
Sa 354 Sansevieria 'Mutomo' aff suffruticosa but smaller with fans of green banded leaves 0
Sa 214 Sansevieria 'Pare Mountains' A giant plant with stiff pale green leaves with darker cross banding. Recently rediscovered in Northern Tanzania. 0
Sa 317 Sansevieria 'Pink Bat' also known as 'Super Pink' R 2301 0
Sa 201 Sansevieria 'Pink Bat' Attractive small growing plant related to S.hallii but with pinkish green leaves. R2470 0
Sa 304 Sansevieria 'Red Edge' Zimbabwe Scimitar type 0
Sa 305 Sansevieria 'Rosea grandis' syn. 'Shonen Knife' 0
Sa 315 Sansevieria 'Samurai dwarf' A small form of disticha 0
Sa 274 Sansevieria 'schottii' like a robust but compact ballyi 0
Sa 318 Sansevieria 'Scimitariformis Silver' Not scimitariformis. Short fat leaves with 0
Sa 319 Sansevieria 'Serpentine' Heavily recurved leaves. Bally 13607. Probably new species 0
Sa 321 Sansevieria 'Shamva' scimitar type 0
Sa 264 Sansevieria 'Silk Bat' thick silky smooth leaves 0
Sa 269 Sansevieria 'Silver Bat' halli type with light coloured leaves 0
Sa 087 Sansevieria 'Silver Blue' Original collection Mbeya Province, Tanzania. Big thick leaves. Very beautiful. 0
Sa 139 Sansevieria 'splendens' Extremely attractive compact plant with deep bluish-green leaves with red edges, changing to dark green with age. 0
Sa 257 Sansevieria 'Tarzana' fischeri x cylindrica 0
Sa 153 Sansevieria 'Tom Grumbley' Recently described naturally occurring form related to S. suffruticosa but small in size and a very pale whitish-green with pale green indistinct cross-banding giving it a unique and attractive appearance. Offsets by stolons and will eventually form a clump. 0
Sa 338 Sansevieria 22484 Masai, narrow leaves 0
Sa 001 Sansevieria aethiopica Probably the hardiest sansevieria tolerating low temperatures. Stubby leaves attractively marked with cross-banding. Glaucous when young. South Africa. 0
Sa 002 Sansevieria aethiopica DT4844 Graf Reinet Extra glaucous form. New growth is really blue. Limited. 0
Sa 327 Sansevieria aff ehrenbergii 'Salaf' ZW 212 South Yemen. Differs from dhofarica with narrower leaves 0
Sa 253 Sansevieria aff hallii 'Kadzi 1' silver Mt.Guro Mozambique 0
Sa 255 Sansevieria aff hallii 'Kadzi 1' Mt. Whenje Mozambique 0
Sa 254 Sansevieria aff hallii ┬┤Kadzi 1' Mt. Panda Mozambique 0
Sa 258 Sansevieria aff hallii blue form Mt. Whenje Mozambique 0
Sa 249 Sansevieria aff lineata No collection data but looks like this species with dark green vertical lines 0
Sa 322 Sansevieria aff. bhitalae Monkey Bay. Smooth leaves 0
Sa 326 Sansevieria aff. elliptica Giant form 0
Sa 344 Sansevieria aff. hallii blue thinner narrower leaves. Mt. Whenje Mozambique 0
Sa 293 Sansevieria alwitrii Wageningen 98-293 Lake Victoria Kenya (formerly known as Leiden) 0
Sa 009 Sansevieria arborescens Grows like S. dumetescens forming clumps eventually, but it is smaller and the leaves are narrow and very sharply pointed. Impressive! 0
Sa 259 Sansevieria ascendens tall growing with narrow spiky leaves 0
Sa 151 Sansevieria bacularis Thin cylindrical leaves, tall but stiff in good light conditions, sometimes has kinks. New growth has a purple sheath at the base. Congo 0
Sa 010 Sansevieria ballyi Also known as S. humbertiana. Small rosettes of pointed banded leaves producing new growths on runners. Will form a nice group. 0
Sa 021 Sansevieria ballyi Wide leaf form Morgenstern collection 933 0
Sa 323 Sansevieria ballyi Bally 12681 type clone. Limited 0
Sa 262 Sansevieria ballyi 'Minnie' small growing form 0
Sa 089 Sansevieria bhitalae The original 'Superclone'. Leaves upright, thick and glaucous with a somewhat wavy brown edge. Pf 1388 or Pf 137. 0
Sa 324 Sansevieria bhitalae Pf 1883 green 'Superclone' type 0
Sa 325 Sansevieria bhitalae Pf 111 green 'Superclone' type 0
Sa 245 Sansevieria bhitalae ES 20849 The first Specks collection from Mafinga. Thick bluish leaves. 0
Sa 261 Sansevieria Brazilian hybrid probably a parva hybrid with thick highly marked leaves 0
Sa 252 Sansevieria butleri Wachile Ethiopia, 0
Sa 023 Sansevieria canaliculata PF20 Diminutive plant with short, smooth, cylindrical leaves which grow individually from the rhizome. Compact. 0
Sa 024 Sansevieria canaliculata Dwarf form. Leaves are about a third shorter than the regular plant. Good for limited space. 0
Sa 243 Sansevieria chahinianii ES 14026 Eyl, Somalia. Dwarf plant similar to 'angustior' 0
Sa 027 Sansevieria concinna Hardy 19879 Form from Lake Sibaya, S.Mozambique which has paler green leaves with an orange petiole. Attractive. 0
Sa 028 Sansevieria concinna Dwarf spoon-leaf from Mozambique, Lav.5933. Maximum height about 10cm. Forms a clump. Ideal for a hanging basket. 0
Sa 029 Sansevieria concinna The classic spoon-leaf, leaves dark-green with a distinct petiole and shoulder, and paler green edge. Large flowers too! Lav.5949 0
Sa 138 Sansevieria concinna ssp.sudwallensis 'Sudwalla Caves' Distinctive plant with arching leaves on a petiole forming a rosette. The leaf base is wine red spreading up to the base of the leaf which is pale green with whitish blotches, sometimes also with pink tinges. Flower stem also reddish-purple. 0
Sa 032 Sansevieria conspicua GLF-75. A Glass & Foster collection. Leaves almost without markings. Attractive. 0
Sa 124 Sansevieria conspicua 'Blue form' Leaves dark bluish-green. Attractive. 0
Sa 038 Sansevieria dawei Tall plant with emerald green leaves with a glaucous covering, and orange-brown edges. A Morgenstern collection. 0
Sa 039 Sansevieria deserti Stiff pointed grey-green leaves, rough to the touch, and grooved. A winter flowerer. Makes a dramatic clump in time. 0
Sa 049 Sansevieria dhofarica Propagations from various collections from Oman. Dramatic spear-like leaves, very thick and hard, channelled and in a fan-like formation initially. The flowers are borne on a tall branching stem. One of the most attractive Sansevierias. Very limited. Slow. 0
Sa 205 Sansevieria disticha 'Warshiik' From Somalia. Stout dark green sharply pointed leaves in a spiral. Probably a new species 0
Sa 288 Sansevieria disticha 'Xaskul' Pf 182 Somalia. Fan of thick leaves. 0
Sa 044 Sansevieria dooneri dwarf A diminutive form, usually no more than 10cm tall. Young growth is grass-like. 0
Sa 328 Sansevieria downsii R 2239 Malawi star-like rosettes spreading by stolons 0
Sa 329 Sansevieria downsii 'Blue' Form with glaucous leaves. Attractive. 0
Sa 005 Sansevieria dumetescens Eventually forms stems over a metre high with spiky, somewhat drooping leaves. Forms striking clumps with branching inflorescence. 0
Sa 320 Sansevieria ehrenbergii Yabello Ethiopia 0
Sa 050 Sansevieria elliptica HBG 22830. Low-growing with dark green elliptical shaped leaves. Attractive and compact. 0
Sa 246 Sansevieria enchiridiofolia ES 21178 Long dark green leaves with darker mottling 0
Sa 051 Sansevieria erythraeae Also known as schweinfurthii. Very dark green leaves, smooth, stiff and upright, ending in a blunt tip. Attractive and friendly.. Collected in Djibouti 0
Sa 244 Sansevieria ES 15965 Somalia, west of a dwarf powysii 0
Sa 282 Sansevieria ES 21149 aff nitida Walenso Ranch Ethiopia 0
Sa 295 Sansevieria ES 21779 Kitonga, Tanzania Attractive mottling on smooth leaves 0
Sa 332 Sansevieria ES 21805 East of Lupingu. Wide thin leaves, glaucous and mottled 0
Sa 330 Sansevieria ES 21836 aff bella. Mbeya province 0
Sa 289 Sansevieria ES 21837 42km West of Mafinga, blue, bhitalae type 0
Sa 296 Sansevieria ES 21847 Medaru, Tanzania, 150km S.of Moshi, E. Mbaga Mts.wide mottled leaves 0
Sa 275 Sansevieria ES 21883 a form of scimitariformis 0
Sa 292 Sansevieria ES 22147 attractive blue leaves 0
Sa 300 Sansevieria ES 22258 Tanzania Wide leaves, lightly mottled, red edge 0
Sa 334 Sansevieria ES 22261 Mangalisa, Tanzania 0
Sa 331 Sansevieria ES 22264 Near Ilula, Tanzania. aff. bella 0
Sa 290 Sansevieria ES 22282 near Makambako, like Silver Blue 0
Sa 341 Sansevieria ES 22301 rough mottled leaves. aff. raffillii 0
Sa 333 Sansevieria ES 22397 Thick leaved dwarf species (so far!) 0
Sa 340 Sansevieria ES 22404 Giant sized leaves 0
Sa 263 Sansevieria ES 22407 Tanzania 0
Sa 235 Sansevieria ES 22410 Tanzania. Similar to 'angustior' but tapered leaves 0
Sa 265 Sansevieria ES 22421 Tanzania. Leaves tapered, bluish and rough 0
Sa 337 Sansevieria ES 22492 Giant spoon-like 0
Sa 303 Sansevieria ES 22501 aff bella 0
Sa 298 Sansevieria ES 22541 glaucous, like bhitalae 'Superclone' 0
Sa 270 Sansevieria ES 22557 Tanzania. Very thick leaves, bluish and smooth 0
Sa 335 Sansevieria ES 22565 Robust grower with grass-green mottled leaves 0
Sa 342 Sansevieria ES 22575 N. of Sumbawanga. Leaves wide, stout, apple green. 0
Sa 301 Sansevieria ES 22582 wide leaf dwarf species 0
Sa 336 Sansevieria ES 22592 Leaves are wide and thick, green 0
Sa 287 Sansevieria ES 22593 'Blue downsii' but leaves are much thicker than downsii and pale colour 0
Sa 285 Sansevieria ES 22622 Tanzania. Green form of bhitalae 0
Sa 339 Sansevieria ES 22701 Malawi. Thick green leaves 0
Sa 055 Sansevieria fischeri Formerly known as singularis. Young plants have strongly marked leaves in a rosette but with age develop cylindrical leaves. Flowers at ground level. 0
Sa 056 Sansevieria fischeri FN04261 Maktou, Kenya. A form with thick stubby leaves which are highly marked. 0
Sa 063 Sansevieria forskaoliana Arabian species with deep blue-green leaves with a reddish edge. Beautiful! Flowers freely. Several clones available from collections in Yemen. ZW 10, ZW 11, ZW 203 AJB sn, al 30719 0
Sa 064 Sansevieria francisii Otherwise known as the hedgehog sansevieria 8
Sa 273 Sansevieria gracilis Pf 42 x Pf 93 Pfennig hybrid of two gracilis clones 0
Sa 075 Sansevieria hallii The original 'Baseball Bat' collected at Birchenough Bridge, Zimbabwe, also Pf 191. The leaves are bat-shaped, dark green, with a brown edge. Flowers low to the ground. 0
Sa 076 Sansevieria hallii R881 from South of Save River, Zimbabwe. Smaller than the regular type and brownish green. 0
Sa 078 Sansevieria hallii 'Blue Bat' Very special form. Leaves are somewhat narrower and of a deep blue-green colour without markings, and a reddish-brown edge. Flowers close to the ground relatively freely. 0
Sa 079 Sansevieria hallii 'Lundi Bat' Diminutive form, and slow growing. Brownish and mottled. 0
Sa 077 Sansevieria hallii 'Striated' 'Variegated Baseball Bat' with yellow striations. A bit smaller and slower than the normal green type. 0
Sa 129 Sansevieria hargeisana Lav.61013 and La. 7282 from Somalia. Small growing with very dark green leaves, semi-cylindrical, rough, in a rosette. Limited. 0
Sa 343 Sansevieria humiflora R 889 type species. Very limited 0
Sa 062 Sansevieria hybrid 'Blue' An attractive form that has leaves of a glaucous grey-green colour with dark cross-banding. Limited. 0
Sa 082 Sansevieria intermedia Otherwise known as S. volkensii. Leaves narrow and stick-like, very rough, compact. 0
Sa 083 Sansevieria kirkii v.kirkii Leaves upright but later spreading. Thick, somewhat wavy, deep green with darker mottling.Pf 1170 0
Sa 084 Sansevieria kirkii v.pulchra Low-growing with leaves wavy at the edges and metallic grey-green with black mottling. Stunning. 0
Sa 085 Sansevieria kirkii v.pulchra 'Coppertone' Leaves are stiff and copper coloured with darker blackish markings. Looks like they were produced by a skilled metalworker. 0
Sa 176 Sansevieria kirkii v.pulchra 'Metallic Silver' Extra silver form. Limited. 0
Sa 291 Sansevieria Lav 24977 aff.ehrenbergii but with very thick leaves 0
Sa 302 Sansevieria Lav et al 23395 Somalia seems intermediate between rorida and disticha 0
Sa 093 Sansevieria masoniana Formerly known as 'Mason Congo'. Leaves are almost circular, paddle-shaped, deep green with extensive greyish mottling and a wine-red sheath at the base of new growth. Will eventually get very large but needs time and space to do so. 0
Sa 094 Sansevieria masoniana 'Marginated' A form with pale yellow variegation at the leaf edges and sometimes elsewhere. Limited. 0
Sa 347 Sansevieria metallica Largely reverted from 'White Striped Giant' but you might be lucky! 0
Sa 346 Sansevieria metallica 'Sarah Hoffman' Deep green edges to the variegated leaves. Limited. 0
Sa 132 Sansevieria mikephillipsii ES 20425 Kitonga Gorge, Tanzania with deep green, grooved, recurved leaves in a rosette. Related to S. phillipsiae but with a unique thorn which often develops at the top end of the groove on the upper side of the leaf as the leaf matures. Offsets by stolons. 0
Sa 294 Sansevieria newtoniana Lake Bogoria Kenya. Big robust plant originally described from Uganda. 0
Sa 276 Sansevieria nitida medium size plant with banded blue green leaves. Slow. 0
Sa 109 Sansevieria parva 'Gilt Edge' Looks like the edges have been painted with gold leaf! 0
Sa 111 Sansevieria parva 'White Variegated' Much slower growing than the other forms. Variegation is white and almost covers the leaves. The most attractive parva form. Limited. 0
Sa 113 Sansevieria pearsonii Produce a very stout fan of mid-green leaves, tall, thick, rigid, spear-like. Impressive. 0
Sa 128 Sansevieria pedicillata 'Chimanimani Mountains' Collected in the remote border area of Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Leaves are tall, wide and lime-green almost without markings, and a reddish edge. Very attractive and unusual. Limited. 0
Sa 224 Sansevieria pedicillata 'Chipinge' Similar to 'Chimanimani Mountains' but a little darker green. 0
Sa 114 Sansevieria perrotii The true S. perrotii with v-shaped leaves which form a highly recurved fan as they mature. 0
Sa 277 Sansevieria Pf 1170 Amani, Tanzania 0
Sa 218 Sansevieria pfisteri Newly described species from Angola producing fans of thick glaucous leaves. Very limited. 0
Sa 115 Sansevieria phillipsiae BAIC 121 Smooth, dark green, semi-cylindrical leaves in a spiralled rosette, bluish-green with some cross-banding when young. Offsets to produce a group. 0
Sa 203 Sansevieria pinguicula The sansevieria that grows on stilts! Sharp pointed leaves. Needs warmth. 0
Sa 241 Sansevieria powellii Stouter leaves than S. arborescens. Make nice plants.Two clones Pf 1013 pale colour and Pf 1739 green 0
Sa 236 Sansevieria powysii Thick arching grey-white leaves. Kismayu, Kenya 0
Sa 284 Sansevieria powysii Kismayou Kenya 0
Sa 349 Sansevieria R 1592 Gwayi River. Scimitar type 0
Sa 278 Sansevieria R 1674 Kamativi airstrip. Scimitar type with thick ble green leaves 0
Sa 297 Sansevieria R 2142 scimitar type 0
Sa 266 Sansevieria R 2710 E. of Dotito. Scimitar type 0
Sa 348 Sansevieria R1674 (clone2) Kamativi airstrip. Different clone but same number but this has narrow brownish leaves rather like 'Lundi Bat' 0
Sa 080 Sansevieria R1881 'Fikizola Crossing' Leaves are bat-shaped but much shorter and thicker, bluish-green to mid-green, grooved, close to the ground. Flowers low semi-capitate. Collected at Fikizola Crossing, Zimbabwe. 0
Sa 267 Sansevieria R5108 Richards collection, thick glaucous leaves 0
Sa 117 Sansevieria raffilii v. glauca An attractive clone of this Kenyan species which produces leaves singly from the root. Leaves are glaucous with dark mottling. Flowers regularly sometimes from the root! 0
Sa 234 Sansevieria richardsii 'Dyke' R2263. Leathery glaucous leaves. Very slow growing, so available occasionally 0
Sa 345 Sansevieria RM 11948 Wangala. aff.nitida 0
Sa 120 Sansevieria robusta Pf 1010 The true robusta forming a fan of long thin green leaves sometimes slightly glaucous. Will get very big eventually. Impressive. 0
Sa 121 Sansevieria rorida Distinctive fan of blue-grey leaves ending in a sharp reddish-brown point. Very slow. Limited. 0
Sa 122 Sansevieria roxburghiana Slow growing Indian species with thick recurved leaves, distinctly marked with dark cross-banding. Limited 0
Sa 123 Sansevieria scimitariformis R 995 Zimbabwe. Leaves are scimitar shaped, extremely thick and rigid, mid to dark green with a hard brown edge, grooved, smooth, eventually forming clumps. Very slow growing. Two Richards clones available. Limited. 0
Sa 126 Sansevieria sinus-simiorum Recently described species from Monkey Bay, Malawi. Leaves are thick, upright and cylindrical, with a groove running the length. Flower close to the ground. Very slow growing. Very limited. 0
Sa 355 Sansevieria sp. 85 km W.of Burao, Somalia. Spectacular plant with very thick grey-green leaves possibly related to bella but different. 0
Sa 352 Sansevieria sp. Maungu. Similar to 'Mutomo' but lighter 0
Sa 353 Sansevieria sp. Mbeya. very wide, smooth, pale, mottled leaves 0
Sa 350 Sansevieria sp. Langobaya. Intermediate between ballyi and bella 0
Sa 272 Sansevieria sp. Bur Heida, Somalia Lavranos collection. Intermediate between ballyi and hargeisana. 0
Sa 351 Sansevieria sp. Pate Island. Similar to 'Blue Kew' 0
Sa 357 Sansevieria sp. Pf 160 from Lucknow BG. Scimitar type. 0
Sa 299 Sansevieria sp. Lyamgungwe, Tanzania Iringa Province 0
Sa 316 Sansevieria sp. GO 232 101 Somalia. A form of forskaoliana 0
Sa 356 Sansevieria sp. Yatta-Garissa road. Tapered, mottled leaves 0
Sa 286 Sansevieria sp. Mount Guro Mozambique. Leaves rough and highly mottled. 0
Sa 280 Sansevieria sp. Athi River Kenya related to ballyi but much bigger. Possibly a natural hybrid. Two clones. Clone 1 has thinner leaves 0
Sa 142 Sansevieria stuckyi Mature leaves are cylindrical with a narrow groove, grey-green with lighter cross-banding. Leaves on young plants may be flatter and highly marked. In time grows big and leaves get very thick. Flowers a pom-pom on a short stem. 0
Sa 143 Sansevieria subspicata 'Variegated' Dark green spoon-shaped leaves with copious striations of white. Will clump in time.Very limited 0
Sa 360 Sansevieria trifasciata 'Gold Flame' Medium size with lots of yellow streaks 0
Sa 271 Sansevieria trifasciata 'Laurentii Silver' leaves with white edging and overall silvery cast 0
Sa 359 Sansevieria trifasciata 'Midnight Shine' Dark green leaves with yellow variegation on the edges 0
Sa 358 Sansevieria trifasciata 'Moonshine' Classic form with grey-green leaves. 0
Sa 169 Sansevieria trifasciata v.sikawae 'Slimmerette' Tall narrow leaves, pale green with whitish cross-banding. Makes an attractive clump. 0
Sa 232 Sansevieria vanillosa Dark puplish-green leaves with white blotches and striations. Two clones Pf 1192 dark colour and ES 22431 pale 0
Sa 239 Sansevieria x itumea Tana River Kenya. Small plant, possibly a natural hybrid. Very limited 0
Sa 309 Sansevieria `Lav 24977' ehrenbergii type with very thick glaucous leaves 0
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